The Lesser & Greater Rituals of the Hexagram

The Lesser & Greater Rituals of the Hexagram

Planetary Hexagram LRH Diagram

"The Hexagram is a powerful symbol representing the operation of the Seven Planets under the presidency of the Sephiroth, and of the seven-lettered Name, ARARITA. The Hexagram is sometimes called the Signet Star or Symbol of the Macrocosm, just as the Pentagram is called the Signet Star or Symbol of the Microcosm. ARARITA is a divine name of the Seven letters formed of the Hebrew initials of the sentence: One is his beginning. One is his individuality. His permutation is one. As in the case of the Pentagram, from each re-entering angle of the Hexagram issueth a ray representing a radiation from the divine. Therefore it is called the Flaming Hexagram, or the six-rayed Signet Star. Usually, it is traced with the single point uppermost. It is not an evil symbol with the two points upward, and this is a point of difference from the Pentagram."
"Vibrate Ararita while tracing the Hexagram and divine Name of the Planet when tracing its symbol."
"In all Rituals of the Hexagram as in those of the Pentagram. thou shalt complete the circle of the place. Thou shalt not trace an external circle round each Hexagram itself unless thou wishest to confine the force to one place -- as in charging a Symbol or Talisman.
From the attribution of the Planets, one to each angle of the Hexagram, shalt thou see the reason of the sympathy existing between each superior planet and one certain inferior Planet. That is, that to which it is exactly opposite in the Hexagram. And for this reason is it that the Triangle of their invoking and banishing Hexagrams counter-change. The superior Planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars. The inferior Planets are Venus, Mercury, Luna. And in the midst is placed the Fire of the Sun. Therefore the superior Saturn and the Inferior Luna are sympathetic, so are Jupiter and Mercury, Mars and Venus."
"And because the Hexagram is the Signet Star of the Macrocosm or Greater World, therefore is it to be employed in all invocations of the Forces of the Sephiroth: though the Signet Star of the Pentagram represents their operation in the Luna World, in the Elements and in Man.
If thou wilt deal with the Forces of the Supernal Triad of the Sephiroth, thou shalt make use of the Hexagrams of Saturn."
- The Ritual of the Hexagram, The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic

"Now if thou shalt wish to invoke the forces of One particular Planet, thou shalt find in what Quarter of the heavens he will be situate at the time of working. Then thou shalt consecrate and guard the place wherein thou art by the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. Then thou shalt perform the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, yet tracing the four figures employed from the angle of the Planet required, seeing that for each Planet the mode of tracing varieth. If thou dealest with the Sun, thou shalt invoke by all six forms of the Figure and trace within them the Planet Symbol and pronounce the Name Ararita as has been taught.
Then shalt thou turn unto the quarter of the planet in the Heavens and shalt trace his invoking Hexagram and pronounce the proper Names, and invoke what Angels and Forces of that Nature may be required, and trace their Sigils in the air.
When thou hast finished thy invocation thou shalt in most cases license them to depart and perform the Banishing Symbols upon it which would have the effect of entirely de-charging it and reducing it to the condition it was in when first made --that is to say dead and lifeless.
If thou wishest to bring the Rays of all or several of the Planets into action at the same time, thou shalt discover their quarter in the Heavens for the time of working, and thou shalt trace the general Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, but not differentiated for any particular Planet, and then thou shalt turn to the Quarters of the respective Planets and invoke their forces as before laid down; and banish them when invocation is finished, and conclude with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. And ever remember to complete the circle of the place wherein thou workest, following the course of the sun."
- ibid. Addendum, Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram


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The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram
(i) Stand upright, feet together, left arm at side, right across body, holding the wand or other weapon upright in the median line. Then face East and say:
(ii) I.N.R.I.
[Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdæorvm. "And Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was, Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews" (John 19:19).
yod. nun. resh. yod.
Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother.
Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer.
Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen.
Isis, Apophis, Osiris, ΙΑΩ.
(iii) Extend the arms in the form of a cross, and say: "The Sign of Osiris Slain."
(iv) Raise the right arm to point upwards, keeping the elbow square, and lower the left arm to point downwards, keeping the elbow square, while turning the head over the left shoulder looking down so that the eyes follow the left forearm, and say, "The Sign of the Mourning of Isis."
(v) Raise the arms at an angle of sixty degrees to each other above the head, which is thrown back, and say, "The Sign of Apophis and Typhon."
(vi) Cross the arms on the breast, and bow the head and say, "The Sign of Osiris Risen."
(vii) Extend the arms again as in (iii) and cross them again as in (vi) saying: "L.V.X., lux, the Light of the Cross".
(viii) With the magical weapon trace the Hexagram of Fire in the East, saying, "ARARITA" (אראריתא).
Which word consists of the initials of a sentence which means "One is His Begining: One is His Individuality: His Permutation is One."
This hexagram consists of two equilateral triangles, both apices pointed upwards. Begin at the top of the upper triangle and trace it in a dextro-rotary direction. The top of the lower triangle should coincide with the central point of the upper triangle.
(ix) Trace the Hexagram of Earth in the South, saying "ARARITA."
This Hexagram has the apex of the lower triangle pointing downwards, and it should be capable of inscription in a circle.
(x) Trace the Hexagram of Air in the West, saying "ARARITA."
This Hexagram is like that of Earth; but the bases of the triangles coincide, forming a diamond.
(xi) Trace the Hexagram of Water in the North, saying "ARARITA."
This hexagram has the lower triangle placed above the upper, so that their apices coincide.
(xii) Repeat (i-vii).
The Banishing Ritual is identical, save that the direction of the Hexagrams must be reversed.
The +LVX Signs

The Sign of Osiris Slain

The Sign of the Mourning of Isis

The Sign of Apophis and Typhon

The Sign of Osiris Risen

Elemental Hexagrams





The Greater Ritual of the Hexagram

To invoke or banish planets or zodiacal signs.
The Hexagram of Earth alone is used. Draw the hexagram, beginning from the point which is attributed to the planet you are dealing with ("See" "777" col. lxxxiii).
Thus to invoke Jupiter begin from the right-hand point of the lower triangle, dextro-rotary and complete; then trace the upper triangle from its left hand point and complete.
Trace the astrological sigil of the planet in the centre of your hexagram. For the Zodiac use the hexagram of the planet which rules the sign you require ("777", col. cxxxviii); but draw the astrological sigil of the sign, instead of that of the planet.
For Caput and Cauda Draconis use the lunar hexagram, with the sigil of Caput Draconis or Cauda Draconis.
To banish, reverse the hexagram.
In all cases use a conjuration first with Ararita, and next with the name of the God corresponding to the planet or sign you are dealing with.

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